Corniche is our brand for confectionary food product such as Kaya, Pudding and Marshmallows. Our products are Halal certified and we invest greatly in product innovation and design. The Corniche brand can be found worldwide in markets such as Asia, Africa, Europe, USA and Australia.


Milk Chocolates

Corniche milk chocolate is made from the richest chocolate, mixed with milk, to provide that sweet, smooth and soothing feeling when consumed. One piece is never enough!

Product Code
8888 2960 3437 2
Net Weight
Packing per Ctn
170g x 20 bags
Ctn Measurement
400mm x 318mm x 150mm

Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Lactose, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier, Artificial Flavour

Chocolate Origins
Chocolate needs no introduction. It has been used as early as 1400 B.C. and has been documented to be used as a staple meal, currency and even as an aphrodisiac.

Nothing can replace that good feeling of having a piece of chocolate in your mouth. Chocolate is said to have an effect on the brain, creating the feeling of “being in love” when consumed.

Try our Corniche range of chocolates and find out for yourself!

Note: Our chocolates are Halal certified and no animal based extracts are used.


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