Corniche is our brand for confectionary food product such as Kaya, Pudding and Marshmallows. Our products are Halal certified and we invest greatly in product innovation and design. The Corniche brand can be found worldwide in markets such as Asia, Africa, Europe, USA and Australia.


Coconut Spread
Kaya Coconut Spread

Corniche Coconut Spread is creamy, sweet and has a lingering aroma that leaves you wanting another taste of it. Best used on crackers and breads.

Product Code
8888 2960 3527 0
Net Weight
Packing per Ctn
270g x 24 bottles
Ctn Measurement
432mm x 285mm x 98mm

Sugar, Coconut milk, Eggs, Tapioca Starch, Pandan Extract, Caramel

Coconut Spread Origins
Coconut spread is an Asian jam, also affectionately known as Kaya in Asia. It is made from sugar, coconut milk, eggs and pandan leaves. The pandan leaf is from the Padanus plant and is most commonly used in South East Asia cooking to add a distinct aroma to savoury dishes, curries, spreads and cakes.

One of Singapore’s iconic dishes must be the kaya toast, kaya spread over a charcoal grilled bread toast. The significance of the delectable kaya toast would be the same as what peanut butter and jelly would mean to an American.

Aside from making a trip to Singapore, there is no other way to have that kaya toast other than your own bottle of Corniche kaya in your home.

Note: our chocolates are Halal certified and no animal based extracts are used.


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